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MGR West London Storage is the best storage company in West London. We are based in Hanwell, Boston Manor Road and we offer all range of storages. Wherever you live, for instance in West London we are the company for you! One of our advantages is that all of our offers are cost-effective, so you can always choose what suits you best. Besides, our storage units come in different sizes, what gives you the freedom while choosing the best one for your needs. Apart from aforementioned MGR West London Storage are clean, dry and CCTV monitored.

Storage Solutions

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • CCTV Monitored

Removals Service

  • Punctual
  • Reliable
  • Fully Insured
  • Free Handyman

Packing Materials

  • Removals Boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Papper offcuts
  • … and more

MGR West London Storage offers you not only the storage facility. We are well-experienced multifunctional company which can help you also move your items to the chosen storage. MGR West London Storage has a 6 years’ experience in removal process. MGR West London Storage’s team will not only help you put your items to the storage, but they can also help you throughout the whole process! If you wish, we can come to you place and help you with everything you want us to do, including packing service and even packing materials. MGR West London Storage’s team has a huge experience in packing services. We had moved plenty of different houses and its families. MGR West London Storage provide a full service which is a high-standard service. Whatever you prefer, we can help you!

MGR West London Storage has its own website, where you can check all the details about with us. You are also more than welcome to call MGR West London Storage on one of provided phone numbers, or you can email us with all the questions you have. MGR West London Storage will be happy to answer to all of your questions and clear all the confusions. On MGR West London Storage’s website you can also check our prices. All the information is provided in nice and clear way to make feel comfortable while choosing an option for your needs. On MGR West London Storage’s website you are also more than welcome to meet our team! These well-experienced men, are always keen to help our customers with their issues. They are always available to answer your questions through the removal and storage process.

MGR West London Storage also has its office where you can always come and spend some time with us. You are more than welcome to come and see are certificates before you will choose us. MGR West London Storage’s office team is also very friendly and always very happy to help with all of our customer’s hesitations. If you do not have time to come and see, you can always call us and one of our office team members will always have time for you.

MGR West London Storage treat its jobs very seriously. We are trained in different areas of removal process, packing process and storage process. That gives us the advantage to finish all jobs with our customers’ satisfaction. You can rely on us completely and therefore leave all your worries behind!